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We are a division of Ink Link Marketing,
a Miami-based Marketing Communications firm.

What we do for you

Grand event

We help you make the biggest impression on the big day.  We can execute on this remotely or we can travel up to help you.  We provide all of the essentials, but we can boost any event with a variety of additional services.

Grand invitations

We invite the press, public officials, trade area business owners, and local influencers and follow up with them to make sure they are attending the event.

Let us handle these difficult, time-consuming, highly-specialized aspects.

Grand follow up

The party isn't over.  Now it's time to follow up with all of the guests to ask them about their experience and encourage them to leave a glowing review, tell others about it, and invite them back for a followup visit...and to bring some friends along!


What happens when you try to do it on your own?

We relieve you of the stress of juggling day-to-day operations and a grand opening, so you can focus on running your business and keeping it on point.  

Dropped Balls

Do you have time to reach out to dignitaries to invite them to an event, make community connections, find entertainment and all these other elements to pull off a grand opening?

Missed Opportunities

There’s no need to try to pick up a new talent or skill when you’re in the middle of opening a business. The learning curve can be too big and your time is precious.

Wasted Time

Opening up is a monumental task!

"They did a great job in publicizing my unit throughout the entire Columbia, South Carolina market. I will definitely use their services in the future!"

 -- Eshita Kothari, 
Franchisee from Columbia, SC



Tel: 844-744-0655

7950 NW 155th Street
Suite 108
Miami Lakes, FL 33016

Let's jump on a quick 15-minute call so we can know more about what you're doing and make sure we're a right fit for each other.
Discovery Call
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If you can start strong, your THRIVE rate increases.

This isn't a scientific experiment.  This is common sense.


If you make something NEW, people will most likely come out and support it.  If you give them a great experience, they will tell a friend and return for more.


I'm taking my 30 years of experience, contacts, tips and tricks and concentrating all of my energy and focus on making all grand opening events both "new" and "news".


I believe the work we're doing will help keep businesses from failing in their first years, thus creating more jobs and helping the American economy.


I love this country, I love what I do, and I love sharing in the passion and excitement of small business ownership.




Brand Experience


Enjoy Yourself On Your GRAND OPENING.
This is a major accomplishment.

Why is public relations so important?


Read Inc. magazine's article titled "Why Public Relations is Important for your Business"

Targeted Communication

When you’re running a business, you have key audiences you want to reach. If you’re a vegetarian restaurant, you wouldn’t promote your business to meat lovers.

Key Influencers

Consumers are looking to Key Influencers to help them in their decision making. They trust these folks and will often times look to them before exploring a new business or product.


If a tree falls in the forest and no one saw it, did it make a noise? The same goes for grand openings. If you opened your doors for business and no one saw it, did it make a noise? Let’s go with “no.”


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